How to Pick The Best Trees For Your Home

Trees are a beautiful addition to any home. Not only are they beautiful, but some trees can add value to your home, making them an excellent investment for your landscaping. There are so many different types of trees to choose from, so when it comes to selecting a tree to add to your yard, the entire process can be overwhelming.

Climate and location are important


Not every tree will thrive in every environment. So make sure that you do your research before getting your heart set on a tree for your yard that might not do well where you live.


Hot/Dry Climates:

Silk Tree(Mimosa)

White Alder


Western Redbud


Mediterranean Fan Palm

Desert Willow(including Burgundy Lace and Rio Salado)

Pink Dawn Chitalpa

Ash varities

Purple Smoke Tree

Arizona and Italian Cypresses

Russian Olive

Honey Locust

Goldenrain Tree

Japanese Privet Tree

Saucer Magnolia

Flowering Crabapples

Texas Umbrella(Chinaberry)

Mondell Pine

Austrian Black Pine


Tropical/Warm Climates:

Pacific Dogwood

Pink Weeping Cherry Tree

Dynamite Crape Myrtle Tree

Orchid Tree

Empress Tree

Blue Jacaranda Tree

Orange Geiger Tree

Tipu Tree

Caribbean Trumpet Tree

Prairiefire Flowering Crabapple Tree


Silk Floss Tree

Hercules Club Tree

Honey Locust

Kapok Tree

Pejibaye Palm

Pochote Tree

Sandbox Tree


Cold Climates:

Emerald Green Thuja

Juniper Wichita Blue

Russian Cypress

Hybrid Poplar

American Beech Tree

Tulip Poplar

Robinson Crabapple Tree

Honey Crisp Apple Tree

Bing Cherry Tree

Willow Hybrid

Windmill Palm Tree

Weeping Willow Tree


Knowing what type of tree will do well in your home is the most important step to choosing a tree for your yard. Once you’ve selected a great tree for your home, it’s a lot easier to decide which complementary plants and shrubberies to add alongside the trees. You can purchase a young tree at a local nursery. Make sure you plant it in an optimal spot so the roots don’t cause problems as the tree ages.