Finding the right team to bring your landscaping dreams to reality can seem like a daunting task. The professionals at Cottonwood Landscapes specialize not only in adding beautifully bespoke features like pergolas, swimming pools, and outdoor kitchens to your general yard design but also work with you to make sure that your vision and budget are being respected. Below is a number of frequently asked questions often asked by potential clients. 

Can Cottonwood Landscapes repave my driveway and footpaths around my property?

Nothing quite brings together the look of a property like beautifully paved ground. If you are satisfied with where your footpaths are located we can simply pave over them with beautiful flagstone or more traditional pavers, or we can have our landscaping experts help you design the layout of new paths. We can also ensure that your driveway feels cohesive with the other walking areas around your property by repaving it as well. 

What type of water features can Cottonwood Landscapes do and can they cater to the contours of my property?

Very few people have the budget to bring on a bunch of construction equipment and completely change the layout of the yard, which makes our job as landscaping experts all the more crucial. You have a vision of what you’d like and it’s our job to make that happen. Our engineers are adept at installing every type of water feature imaginable, from fountains, streams, ponds, swimming pools, and waterfalls. We also help with maintenance and repairs.

I want to create more areas for sitting outside my house. How can Cottonwood Landscapes help?

We all value the outdoors and resolve to spend less time in front of a screen but that gets more difficult if there aren’t nice places to be out on your property. For our landscaping crew, outdoor gathering places like decks and patios are something of a specialty. Not only do design beautiful places the whole family will want to gather, but we also work in stone, wood, or a composite material of plastics and polyvinyl. 

My house lies on unusual topography. Can Cottonwood Landscapes cater to hills and steppes? 

Our philosophy is that in order to fully capture the pinnacle of your yard design, we must design around the yard. With the aid of our best architects and technicians, we can help you create more usable space around your property and make it look stunning as well. Take a look at our gallery of past projects to get a sense of the different yards we’ve worked on. Whatever you have, we can make it look even better.

How can Cottonwood Landscapes increase the amount of light that is around my yard?

We appreciate the ambiance that special lighting gives to your property; it increases the romance and usability of your yard features. Our lighting experts can do everything from install solar-powered lanterns along footpaths to entire new lighting fixtures over patios and on the side of the house. You can speak with our designers to choose the style that best suits the overall aesthetic that you want to achieve.

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