Custom Pergolas in Utah

High-End Timbers, True Craftsmanship, And Proper Integration Into The Overall Design Of The Yard.

Pergolas are a valuable addition to any landscape. Well built pergolas help families facilitate outdoor dining events, and create relaxing outdoor living spaces. At Cottonwood Landscapes, we do pergolas the right way with large, high-end timbers, true craftsmanship, and proper integration into the overall design of the yard.

We want families to be able to get the most out of the land that they own, both in a practical and aesthetic way. At the end of the day, that’s what landscaping is all about. We know that the people of our community in West Jordan and the surrounding areas want outdoor spaces that fit the needs of them, their friends, and their family. A pergola installed by Cottonwood Landscapes can address these needs, and can withstand the harsher elements of Utah.

Types of Pergolas

  • Gable Pergolas: If you know anything about roofing, you know what a gable roof is. A gable roof is designed with angles that help modulate water buildup on a roof, and also help protect a roof from wind damage, over time. A gable pergola is essentially a pergola with a slanted roof. Gable pergolas are easy to blend in with the roof of your actual home if you want to design your pergola directly off the side of your existing structure.
  • Sail Pergolas: A sail pergola is designed without a solid roof in mind. Instead, they are built so that you can attach a piece of cloth or canvas across the roof or walls to create a temporary covering. This way, you can take the cloth down in the winter, or when wind or rain pick up.
  • Skillion Pergolas: A skillion pergola has a single surface roof that curves to one side. This prevents water from building up on top, which can cause water damage, over time. It also helps prevent a pergola from being destroyed by devastating wind. Overall, a skillion pergola is a sleek-style that is frequently used in public spaces, such as parks, for pergolas.
  • Open Top Pergolas: An open top pergola has a slotted roof that is made out of beams of wood, or even bamboo. Pergolas with an open top don’t have the same protection from precipitation as one with a solid roof, but they allow for open airflow and are quite comforting. One popular way that people use open top pergolas is by growing vines and plants over the roof, which creates a stunning landscape attraction.

Pergolas Are the Perfect Marriage of Indoor and Outdoor Comforts

The earliest pergolas were found in ancient Egyptian gardens. However, the term pergola wasn’t coined until the 1600’s in Italy, where it quickly became a staple in reference to garden design. Pergola is a derivation from the Latin word pergula, meaning a “projecting eave.” Most often, pergolas are partial-shelters, where overhead terracing provides a perfect balance between sunshine and shade. Pergolas could be used to accent and shade garden walkways, to provide a structure for climbing vines to display themselves to the best appeal, to enclose an area designated for sitting or eating, and to provide accents of visual interest in a natural landscape.

In modern-day garden design, pergolas are the perfect way to add homey accents to your yard, providing a frame for an outdoor kitchen or living room and creating the ideal blend of natural beauty and man-made comfort.

Pergolas Expand the Use of Your Yard

Pergolas are design elements that increase the value of your property because they expand the possibilities of use for your yard. Pergolas invite the family out for parties, barbecues and calm evenings spent enjoying the weather and the stars. They help you see the possibilities of a wedding reception, a block dinner party, and beautifully-framed photos outdoors. They can even be helpful additions to a hot tub area.

Although ancient pergolas were often made of wooden latticework and sculpted stone columns, today we favor light and durable materials that will stay strong through the punishments of harsh weather conditions. That might include vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass in addition to traditional wooden options.

Trust Our Quality Craftsmanship

At Cottonwood Landscapes, our motto is “Landscaping with Integrity.” Every day, we strive to live up to our motto by having pride in all of the work that we do. Each of our designers, technicians, and office personnel have one goal: to turn your landscaping dreams into a reality. We do this by utilizing quality materials, meeting or exceeding building code standards, and using our knowledge of Utah’s climate to ensure our pergolas function as advertised.

Add Value To Your Home

There’s no question that adding a Custom Pergolas to your home adds value to your life and your equity. Experts estimate that a custom Pergolas adds anywhere between 5-8% to your property value.

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