Maintaining Your Outdoor Equipment

patio furniture as part of outdoor landscape

For those who have been dreaming of a major landscaping change to their property, or who want to maximize their yard design so that there is more to do outside of the home, an outdoor kitchen may feel like the final frontier. Not only are they a symbol of elegance and success but they bring […]

Maintaining Pools and Ponds During the Cold Months

Pond maintenance during the winter.

From an aerial view above cities like Las Vegas or Phoenix, it appears that just about every home comes equipped with a swimming pool.  That makes sense.  We’re not sure how anyone could survive the desert heat of Arizona or Nevada without one.  We’re starting to see a trend here in Utah, though, as well.  […]

Inspiring Outdoor Lighting & Landscapes

outdoor pathway lighting

When it’s time to brighten your outdoor landscape with some custom lighting, a few key pieces will go a long way. When you’re outdoors, your eyes adjust in a way that requires far less light entering into the lens in order for you to experience complex shadows and patterns, as compared to the indoors. Since—biologically […]

Beautifying Your Backyard

backyard fire pit

With warm months fast-approaching, it’s time to think about sprucing up the yard. You want your property to serve as a little slice of paradise, so what should you include in your backyard design? 

How to Make Your Yard the Perfect Kid’s Hangout Spot

We all want to be the hangout spot for our kids and their friends. A mixture of wanting to seem like a cool parent, and also wanting to know who your children are friends with, usually motivate this goal. Sometimes your home is naturally the hangout spot for the neighbor kids, but often, you have […]

Summer Lawn Care

The prime season for a lush and green lawn, is spring. It’s warm enough to promote growth, without being too hot to kill the grass. But now that we’re in the hottest months of the year, we need to pay special attention to our lawns, to make sure that they are getting the care that […]

How to Restore Post-Winter Grass

Grass has bad dead spot

No matter how nice you are able to keep your lawn throughout the year, it’s going to look like garbage when winter ends, the snow melts, and you see the compacted soil and grass. It’s a little bit of extra work for homeowners, but there’s several steps that you can take when winter is done […]

Pet Landscaping for Your Backyard

Puppy looks up from yard

One of the great benefits of being a homeowner and having a beautiful yard is having a place for the family pet to run around and play. However, as we all know, pets can also be fairly destructive, if they are left alone to their own devices. This is especially true of dogs, which is […]

5 Great Outdoor Meal Ideas

Shish kebabs on a plate

Here at Cottonwood Landscapes, one of our favorite projects to help with is outdoor kitchen spaces. Not only do they add a lot of sophistication to a yard, but they’re also wonderful for entertaining. However, it can be an adjustment, thinking about your entertaining menu in terms of outdoor convenience. Here are some ideas that […]

A Yard for Entertaining

garden party

Have you ever wanted one of those yards that’s just ready to host an event at the drop of a hat? It’s true that especially in the summertime, a garden is the best decoration and backdrop for any party, whether that’s a wedding reception, a family reunion, or a barbecue with the neighbors.