Buildings & Structures

Buildings & Structures Cottonwood Landscapes Can Help You Build Your Custom Backyard Structure As a Utah homeowner, you need something that will protect all of the equipment in your outdoor area, whether it be furniture, tools, a grill, or more. Cottonwood Landscapes understands your needs and we can help you find the right protection for […]

Fire Pits

Want to make your party linger? Chase away the evening’s chill! A mesmerizing fire is the perfect place for people to gather and settle into a comfortable conversation. A fire pit or fireplace instantly makes your yard into a festive venue to enjoy with your friends and family. No wonder it’s one of the hottest […]

Water Features

Water flowing down a backyard waterfall feature

Fountains and Water Features If you were to imagine the perfect backyard, what would it include? A gorgeous swimming pool for your family to enjoy? An eye-catching fish pond to satisfy your inner fisherman? Perhaps a gurgling stream to drown out noisy neighbors or traffic? Now picture these features in your own backyard. At Cottonwood […]

Outdoor Lighting

You want your yard to look beautiful, so you spend hours weeding, pruning, mulching, and decorating until it’s done. Your rosebushes and tulips look gorgeous, and your fruit trees and berry bushes smell heavenly. You have everything situated just how you want it from the patio furniture to the water feature tucked amidst your foxgloves. […]

Outdoor Kitchens

Your Backyard is the best living room Who said that you had to slave over a hot stove all day to make a delicious meal for your family? Take your eating and entertaining outdoors with a beautiful outdoor kitchen. Add An Outdoor Kitchen To Your Backyard Oasis Let Us Help You With The Following Amenities […]


Pergolas are a valuable addition to any landscape. Well built pergolas help families facilitate outdoor dining events, and create relaxing outdoor living spaces. At Cottonwood Landscapes, we do pergolas the right way with large, high-end timbers, true craftsmanship, and proper integration into the overall design of the yard. We want families to be able to […]

Retaining Walls

Your house looks picture perfect, from the tops of its shingles to its bottom-most entry step. Understandably, you want your yard to look just as beautiful and grand as your home, but you have a little problem: an uneven slope. It dips and drops, suddenly, and you worry that the soil around these areas will […]

Pool Houses

Keep your pool and leisure area looking pristine by storing and hiding pumps, hoses, and supplies in a pool house. Instead of being confronted with an unsightly mess every time you step outside, let Cottonwood Landscapes design and install a pool house that complements your residence and landscaping. Add A Pool House To Your Backyard […]

Pavers & Flagstone

Your home is a masterpiece. Your windows, doors, and shingles are like strokes in a beautiful painting. You pride yourself on maintaining a gorgeous garden and keeping your patio clean and ready for guests. But what if you could take your home and yard one step further? At Cottonwood Landscapes, LLC, we want to help […]

Patio Covers

Utah is one of the most gorgeous states in the United States and provides us with a beautiful and unique climate that allows us to experience all four seasons. However, extreme weather and dramatic fluctuations in temperature can be damaging to your backyard equipment.  You need something that will protect all of that equipment, whether […]