Bountiful Landscape Design

The true beauty of residential landscaping is in its design, where sound principles and the best materials work in concert to turn a lawn, a wall, a porch, and a courtyard into exquisite works of art. For decades we have had the pleasure of sharing our expertise with our neighbors in Bountiful to make some of the most beautiful and economical yards in the city; yards to be proud of for years to come. 

Not Just Landscapers

When you work with Cottonwood Landscapes, you aren’t just working with a landscaper; you’re working with a friend and a collaborator. Our goal is to execute on your vision while sharing with you the lessons we’ve learned over the years. We will work with you to create a plan that will allow us to build a beautiful yard while still respecting your budget, as well as one that capitalizes on its potential to create inspired lines and peaceful flow. You will be amazed at what the combination of man’s ingenuity and nature’s tranquility will create.

From Shrubs to Swimming Pools — Creating a Well-Rounded Yard

One of our guiding principles as landscapers is to ensure that each part of the yard compliments the greater whole. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to decide upon a theme for the backyard. This doesn’t have to be as specific as deciding that the living room should be fully furnished in the traditional Nantucket style, or that the guest bathroom should be pink. Instead, we encourage you to consider what mood you would like the yard to evoke.

We have the tools to help you accomplish any style you’re looking for, while also adhering to the design philosophy that has served so many of our Bountiful clients well. That philosophy includes:

  • The yard can be beautiful and functional.
  • There will be places to congregate, and they should feel organic to the space. Visitors should find themselves being naturally led to these areas.
  • There should be a wonderful sense of proportion to features in the yard. Everything should have its home and feel like it fits without being cluttered.
  • Everything that is installed should feel purposeful, and not haphazard. Even English gardens have beautiful symmetry of order within chaos.

With the combination of experience and inspiration, we take care of individual design elements in order to create a landscape that feels holistic, well-rounded. Knowing just how the pergola and the outdoor kitchen will mesh together, or the swimming pool and the fire pit is borne from knowing and trusting these principles of great landscape architecture. Together we can continue the tradition of making Bountiful one of Utah’s most beautiful cities.

If the time to hire a Utah landscaper is now, then call us at (801) 679-2073 for a quote.