Water Features

Water Features

Water Features

Water Features

If you were to imagine the perfect backyard, what would it include? A gorgeous swimming pool for your family to enjoy? An eye-catching fish pond to satisfy your inner fisherman? Perhaps a gurgling stream to drown out noisy neighbors or traffic?

Now picture these features in your own backyard.

At Cottonwood Landscapes LLC, our professional team can make this vision come true. We have experience installing and replacing a broad range of landscaping features, and we’re ready to help turn your dream yard into a reality.


Let Us Help

When you call on our team, you can expect us to do more than simply install water features. We specialize in creating beautiful works of art for an affordable price. It doesn’t matter if you want a formal fountain or a large koi pond. We have the materials and technology to create a cost-effective project that will complement your home and yard.

Some of our water features include:

Remember—our water features can be both beautiful and functional. If you want to keep cool in the summer, we can install a beautifully designed swimming pool complete with decorative sides, waterfalls, and slides.

Water features also provide a peaceful feeling on a property, and can be therapeutic.


Need a Little Inspiration?

We understand that creating that perfect look for your home and yard can be difficult. Perhaps you have trouble deciding between a trickling stream and a quaint waterfall. If you need some inspiration, browse our gallery below. These are but a few examples of what we can do for you, so let your imagination run wild.


Start Your Dream Design

Once you’ve decided on a water feature for your home, call us at 801-679-2452. Our Utah team will be happy to help you design and install your water features.