Outdoor Kitchens

Beautiful modern outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens

Who ever said that you had to slave over a hot stove all day to make a delicious meal for your family? Take your eating and entertaining outdoors with a beautiful outdoor kitchen.

Cook and Entertain at the Same Time

Outdoor kitchens are one of the hottest new trends in backyard landscaping. It’s the perfect way to turn any party into a special event and take your entertaining game to the next level. People love it because it’s an opportunity to get outside with the family and enjoy a beautifully-landscaped yard. It brings the festive feel of a picnic or barbecue into every evening that you can get the family together.

Elements of a Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen

Everyone has a different vision for their outdoor kitchen. It could be as simple as a grill with some patio furniture, or it might be a true imitation of an indoor kitchen, with granite countertops, convenient sinks, and a stylish backsplash on the stove. Here are some aspects that you might want to incorporate into your outdoor kitchen.

  • Flooring: Flooring in an outdoor kitchen should define the space and help you keep the area clean. This could be anything from beautiful flagstones to landscaping gravel to a polished and stained deck.
  • Countertops : Preparation space is the difference between a patched-together meal and a well-planned gourmet meal. We can customize a structure that will suit your needs, fit around your appliances, and fit beautifully into your space and your garden’s aesthetic. You can also add storage space like drawers and cabinets. and/or a kitchen island that will give you preparation space and can be customized to fit your space and your garden’s aesthetic.
  • Stoves and Grills: What kind of cooking do you want to be able to do in your outdoor kitchen? The most common appliance is a barbecue grill, but some people also include a smoker, beer tap, deep fryer, or stove top. Learn more about the benefits of outdoor cooking here! (link)
  • Appliances: Certain kitchen appliances make cooking and entertaining outdoors easier. Imagine having a freezer full of popsicles at a moment’s notice, or a sink where you can wash fruit for a salad. We help you properly plan out electrical wiring plans so that you have all of your conveniences available outdoors.
  • Shelter: Make the kitchen more homey and enclosed with a pergola to keep the worst of the sun’s heat away. You can add draperies on the roof and around the perimeter to increase the feeling of shelter and comfort when the weather’s not optimal.

Once you’ve determined the basic layout of your outdoor kitchen, you can add decorative details that make it a truly comfortable and unique space to spend your time. Outdoor furniture and thoughtful natural elements will make your outdoor kitchen your favorite place to spend time!

We Design Your Dream

Cottonwood Landscapes, LLC can make your dream yard a reality. Not only do we design and install outdoor kitchens and fire pits for Utah homes, we also build porches, patios, pergolas, and any other outdoor structure that enhances your yard’s natural beauty. We’re experienced with planning outdoor living spaces, so we understand the best practices for bringing conveniences like gas, electricity, and water into your outdoor structures.
Our designers and contractors work with only the best materials. We design spaces that fit in beautifully with the architecture of your home and outdoor spaces. When you describe your perfect al fresco kitchen or fire pit, we listen. A great deal of our own satisfaction comes from knowing you’re satisfied with the final product. Contact us today to start planning the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!