Grow BoxesImagine creating a fresh salad for dinner simply by sending your children out into the garden for fresh greens, a cucumber, and a couple of ripe, organic tomatoes.

Garden boxes are an increasingly popular feature in modern landscaping projects. More Utah families are looking for ways to make their yard functional, teach useful life skills, and incorporate more healthy and natural food into their diets. Gardens are the perfect way to make that happen. However, many of us don’t get started with gardening because we think that it will be too complicated. In that case, installing garden boxes might be the right choice for you.

Advantages of Garden Boxes

  • Adds visual interest to your yard: Garden boxes are a good way to change the levels in your yard and make the overall look more varied and interesting. Additionally, this doesn’t require maintenance beyond what you’ll already be doing in your garden, so you don’t have to worry about extra landscaping work, and instead save your water and energy for the vegetables.
  • Easier access: For those who love gardening, but prefer not to get on their hands and knees in the dirt, garden boxes are perfect. They can be especially wonderful for seniors who love to garden, but don’t have the same agility as they did when they were young. Boxes can also make it easier to see your vegetables and harvest more efficiently.
  • Less complications: Garden boxes eliminate some of the variables in gardening. For one thing, you can fill the boxes with your own soil, which means you don’t have to measure or remix the soil in your yard to avoid too much clay or sand. You know that the soil you’re giving your plants is optimal for their growth and performance. Additionally, most soil has seeds and pests that can impede the growth of your garden. Creating your own isolated growing environment eliminates the complications that these can cause.

Trust Us to Help you Build Sturdy, Beautiful Boxes

We offer materials, planning, and labor to help in your gardening project. We here at Cottonwood Landscaping are experienced in every kind of landscaping project, and we can help you find the ideal layout and materials. So stop putting off that garden project! Install some beautiful boxes that suit your yard, are visually appealing, and wonderfully functional. Start the excitement of growing your own produce this year.