custom-built deck in West Jordan, UTA well-designed and custom-built deck is an essential component to a home’s successful landscape. In order to create an impressive transition from indoor to outdoor space, a well-planned deck is usually needed. Building a deck needs to be done correctly to make outside of a home a true destination. Cottonwood Landscapes has the know how and skills to navigate all options, and provide a deck that fulfills all your design goals.


At Cottonwood Landscapes, we take pride in understanding what the residents of West Jordan and the surrounding areas need. The people in our community want beautiful outdoor spaces to enjoy with their friends and family. They also want those spaces to be able to withstand elements that Utah brings, including harsh winters, hot summers, and every temperature in between.


Types of decks


Whether you’re a young family, just starting out, or you want a space for your grandchildren to run and play, high-quality decks can make a great addition to any home. Here are some different materials that you can use to make your dream deck a reality…


Wood decks: Wood is the classic material to use for constructing a solid deck, and has been for years and years. In 2016, a wooden deck cost consumers between $15 to $25 per square foot. However, the price, and durability, of a wood deck largely depends on what kind of wood you use. Nicer lumber, such as cedar, or even a nice mahogany, will be far more durable, but set you back much further, in terms of cost.


Composite decks: Although wood is a more traditional choice, recently, composite decks have become a popular synthetic option. Composite decks utilize plastic building materials, like polyvinyl, and combine it with particles of cost-effective wood. Although the materials are relatively cheap, there are costs associated with manufacturing composite materials, and so they are more expensive to install than wooden decks. However, over time, composite decks are designed to be more durable and better outlast the elements.


Customize your deck


Platform decks: Platform decks are relatively simple, as they are simply decks that are built at ground level to offer a platform from which to enjoy the rest of your yard. Platform decks usually have a railing around them to help section it off from the rest of the outdoor landscape, and also utilize planters for landscaping potential.


Multilevel decks: Multilevel decks are usually a combination of platform decks that are at different vertical levels, and require stairs to move from level to level. If you have a yard that is not flat, and has hills or divots, then a multilevel deck can help you adjust to each portion of land.


Two-story decks: Two-story decks work really well for homes with a wrap around porch, and are usually a more classic craftsman style home. A two-story deck can be accessed from both the first and second level of a home, and offers ample deck space on the top and bottom levels.


Raised level decks: Raised level decks are quite similar to platform decks, in that they are typically single level decks with a railing that goes around the entire level. However, a raised level deck is precisely that: raised. Usually, a raised level deck is accessed on the second (or even third) level of a home, and is held up by support beams around the perimeter.


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There’s a reason our motto is “Landscaping with Integrity.” Each of our designers, technicians, and office personnel have one goal: to turn your dreams into a reality. We use quality materials, meet or exceed building code standards, and use our knowledge of the Utah climate to make sure that each of our beautiful designs functions just how you need.


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